XXVIII Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society will be held on June 27–28th 2024, at Ruma, hotel “Borkovac” (

Tourist info

Hotel Borkovac is ideally located in the Ruma excursion area, just 3 km from the city center of Ruma, 50 km west of Belgrade, and only 35 km from Novi Sad. This location allows for various activities such as excursions, sports, and visits to the monasteries of Fruska Gora and wineries. Additionally, the hotel offers a national restaurant and a spa center with a pool, jacuzzis, steam baths, salt rooms, and a Finnish sauna.

In the heart of Srem, the municipality of Ruma represents a wealth inscribed in history, touching periods from the Roman Empire to the present day. Known for its educational institutions, which continue a long history of education in this region, Ruma is also a center for food production and agricultural development, reflecting its importance in economic and social terms. Gradually, during the period of the Roman Empire, military camps that emerged in these areas developed into settlements, and the population adopted Roman culture, enriching their own identity. In addition to Sirmium, which was exceptionally significant in this region, Ruma highlighted its importance as a craft center, educational center, and religious sanctuary.

The cultural heritage of Ruma is reflected in numerous monuments that testify to the culture, history, and famous personalities of the city. From archaeological sites like Gomolava and Basijana to monuments from the Secession period, the cultural richness of Ruma is diverse and dynamic. The Homeland Museum of Ruma represents the wealth of the history of this region through over 10,000 exhibits, while monuments such as the Monument of Statues, Monument of the Revolution, “Children with a Book,” and others are significant for preserving and promoting the cultural-historical heritage of the city.