Current Conference


29th Conference of the
Crystallographic Society

June 27–28th, 2024
Ruma, Serbia

29th Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society will be held on June 27–18th 2024, at Ruma, hotel “Borkovac” (

The Conference will be a live event.


The official language of the Conference is English.


All fields of crystallography.


  • Plenary lectures
  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations


“The Best Oral Presentation” and “The Best Poster Presentation” prizes will be awarded at the Conference closing session.

Social activities

On Thursday afternoon, June 27th, an excursion will be organized.

On Friday evening, June 28th, SCS will organize a Conference dinner.

The price of the excursion and gala dinner is included in the regular registration fee.

Conference material

At the beginning of the Conference every participant will receive the Book of abstracts in Serbian and English.

The best poster presentation

The Certificate for the best poster presentation was awarded to Dr. Aleksandra Rakić (Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade) presenting paper: "Crystallographic and quantum chemical analysis of DMSO coordination to platinum".

The best oral presentation

The Certificate for the best oral presentation was awarded to MSc Milica Bogdanović (Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad) presenting paper: "Synthesis and crystal structure of diperiodic Cu(II) coordination polymer with a biphenyldicarboxylic acid Schiff base ligand".

Informacije o sledećoj konferenciji SKD možete očekivati početkom 2020.


28th Conference of the
Crystallographic Society

June 14–15th, 2023
Čačak, Serbia

Due to coronavirus pandemic, a state of emergency is declared in the Republic of Serbia. Therefore, XXVII Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society, scheduled for June 04–05th 2020, at Knić, hotel “Ravni Gaj”, is POSTPONED. Serbian Crystallographic Society will monitor situation development and will propose alternative dates, or cancel the conference.  Information will be shared through the mailing list and this website.

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Plenary lectures and Oral presentations

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Excursion to Golubac fortress and Conference dinner