Zoran Tomić, PhD

Full Research Professor
Institute of Nuclear Sciences ‘Vinča’, Belgrade

Date and place of birth: August 29, 1963, Trstenik, Serbia.
e-mail: zorant@vin.bg.ac.rs


  • 1989. BSc in Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 1993. Mr.sci. in Chemistry, Chemical Faculty, University of Belgrade
    (Mr.sci. Thesis: ” Structural trans-effect of carboxylate group of aminocarboxylate chelat ring on the Co-NO2 distance in cobalt(III) complexes “)
  • 2005. PhD (Chemistry) Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Novi Sad
    (PhD Thesis: ” Analysis of factors influencing the stereohemistry of Copper(II) complexes”)

Scientific positions

  • 1990. Postgraduate Research Fellow at The Institute of Nuclear Sciences ‘Vinča’, Belgrade.
  • 1994. Research Assistant at The Institute of Nuclear Sciences ‘Vinča’, Belgrade.
  • 2006. Associate Research Professor at The Institute of Nuclear Sciences ‘Vinča’, Belgrade.
  • 2013. Full Research Professor at The Institute of Nuclear Sciences ‘Vinča’, Belgrade.

Research interests

  • Single crystal X-ray crystallography
  • Noncovalent interactions and its role in the molecular aggregation.
  • Correlations between the structural and physicochemical properties

Selected references

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