XXVI Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society will be held on June 27–28th 2019, at Silver Lake, hotel “Danubia Park” (

The organizers have made a block reservation in the hotel. Participants are advised to reserve their individual accommodation. Organizers will take care of reservation and payment for plenary lecturers.

Accommodation prices in hotel “Danubia Park” per person (in RSD):

Room typeStay 26. 6 – 29. 6.*Stay 27. 6 – 29. 6.** Local tax per day
Single 18.690,00 (ca. 156 EUR)12.860,00 (ca. 107 EUR)80,00 (1 EUR)
Double 13.717,50 (ca. 114 EUR)9.545,00 (ca. 80 EUR)80,00 (1 EUR)

*Stay starts with dinner and finishes with breakfast
**Stay starts with lunch and finishes with breakfast

Contact person: Milica Vojinović
Tel: +381 66 8496051

Silver Lake is an artificial lake at the Danube right bank and represents its former branch, which is now closed with two dams. It is located in Braničevo district in eastern Serbia, 2 km from Veliko Gradište. The average width is about 300 m, and the average length is about  14 km.

Silver Lake Resort, which includes Danubia Park hotel, is a resort on Silver Lake with congress, sports, tourist and recreational facilities. It consists of aqua park, tourist boat, restaurant and cafe, villas and apartment complex, tennis courts, marina, as well as entertainment, recreation and health areas. Also, the conditions for water sports are excellent. The national championship in water skiing takes place at Silver Lake since 2000.

Near lake, on the right bank of the Danube, a Middle Age fortress Golubački grad is settled, a cultural monument of exceptional significance. It is located on high cliffs at the entrance to the Đerdap Gorge.

In order to arrive to the Silver Lake, it is necessary to reach Veliko Gradište, which is 115 km away from Belgrade, via Požarevac. It means that the exit “Požarevac” of the Belgrade-Niš highway should be taken, then the bypass around Požarevac following regional route towards the west until the restaurant ”Knez” (before Veliko Gradište), where the turn to the left is needed to get to the hotel “Danubia Park”. The coordinates of the hotel are 44°45’45.3″N 21°28’49.5″E. In the case of start from Novi Sad it is necessary to reach Belgrade and then follow upper route, while in the case of start from Kragujevac, the exit “Požarevac” of the Niš-Belgrade highway should be taken and then continue as stated.